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becky | orem, ut.

I’m that girl whose impatience causes her to hit the cancel button on the toaster; the girl who squeezes the toothpaste from the top rather than taking the time to push/roll the tube.  And, I’m that girl who drives you nuts because she lifts the car handle just as you unlock the door, causing you […]

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She is the friend that everyone deserves.  We call each other “fristers”, a combination of a friend and sister.  Cheesy you say?  Oh it’s cheesy no doubt but the word “friend” is not the correct word to define our unique relationship of 23 years.  Well, Meg is expecting her first, or firsts rather.  She is […]

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shiny happy people.

I couldn’t think of a better title. On November 17th, my dear friend Marissa gave birth to her sweet baby girl, Jane.  This darling baby has been greatly anticipated and the experience was shear jubilance. 7:42 pm 8:08 pm 8:43 pm “pressure” 9:26 pm Jane Elizabeth enters the world weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces, 19 inches […]

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