meg and abe | provo, ut.

Meg is the gorgeous and caring mother to these one-year old twin boys; she is a fabulous hair stylist in Utah; Meg’s optimistic, athletic and strong willed.  And, lucky for me she has been my best friend for twenty-five years.  I am so proud of Meg and her darling family.

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Valerie - Meg is beautiful! Look at her amazing family! What a great way to capture their happiness. Love these, Brooke!

meg - I love the ones of all of us and the one of Jace and I together smiling. I can’t wait to get these on our wall. Thanks again Brooke you are so talented!!

Heather Baldwin - GORGEOUS!Absolutely love that last one of the mommy / son hug!
Got a little choked up!

Gail Folkerson - Meg, you 4 look absolutely amazing in these pictures! Of course you have to start off with a beautiful and loving family! Brooke was able to catch the most heart-warming pictures of your family. And of course what your all wearing is perfect for the pictures and back ground. I love them all!

Barb - Brooke, I love your work! The setting, fabulous! You capture the family in the best moments! Very nice job!!

Cathy and David - Some great shots here! :D I love her outfit. :)

Stephanie T - Beautiful! I love her outfit and what a beautiful family!

Brittany Stucki - Twins? You didn’t tell me. They are SOO cute! I love the richness of these pictures. Very beautiful!

Rebecca - Cute cute cute!!!

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