baby jude.

Hey Jude, welcome to this world.  I truly adore this family.  And they recently welcomed another little one, baby Jude, into the family.  He is the cutest and the sweetest.  I love this session just for the pure simplicity and ease of capturing this family.  We didn’t do anything fancy, but just captured the moment for what it was.

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joy - Look at these. LOOK AT THESE. They are spectacular! What amazing, sweet, precious captures of such a special time. I love the one of all the kids on the bed and I love the one of the mom swaddling the baby, it is just so real and lovely. Beautiful work as always, Brooke!

Heather Hamilton - You don’t have to do anything fancy. I just love the simplicity of your work. It makes me relax just looking at it – like a breath of fresh air!

Hannah - this baby already has so much personality in its face!

Kristen - Brooke, these are gorgeous. Simple sweet and just amazing. I would love it if you would share some tips you have to get your backlit photos so crisp and your whites so white!! I look at your pictures and it makes me feel like I want to go do a load of whites and smell the smell of clean. I love it!!!

Chels allred - Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos. As well as a beautiful family!

Melissa - love these so much, such beauty in simplicity.

cass miller - These are so simply beautiful, Brooke. Captures the time so perfectly. Such a gorgeous family, oh my gosh.

Rebecca Forbush - Oh my! I love these, they are so so sweet! And what a darling baby!

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