joy and mike | salt lake city, ut.

I think we all have that person that has helped us along in our trade/hobby.  Someone who genuinely cared and wanted you to succeed.  That person was Joy.  She’s my person and she’s amazing – as a mother, as a photographer, mentor, friend.  Have a look at her gorgeous family.  Thank you Joyous.

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Joy - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I adore these images!!!!! They are precious and I will treasure them forever. I hope you had fun because this will not be the only time you will be photographing our family!! :)

melanie reyes - how wonderful!!! sooo beautiful, great job to both of you!

Valerie - Oh Brooke! These are so beautiful and so precious! How gorgeous is this mother! I’m jealous. :) You are so good my friend. :) Love love love your work as always. xx

Abbigail - beautiful beautiful photos of one of my favorite families.

Adrienne - Joy is amazing…..luckily she’s my sis!

Aubrey Howell - Love all of these…so beautiful!

lesli - Brooke these are beautiful – so lovely and so happy. I’m getting so anxious and can’t imagine how you are catching up from 6 (!!!) families! Don’t worry – I can be patient:) Take care!

Rebecca - Super sweet, Brooke! I love so many of these!

Bobbie Brown - Ohhh, I so love this entire shoot!

Stephanie T - Well miss Joy, you look stunning and fabulous and your family is so beautiful! Brooke, you have such a gift of capturing moments!

Kathy Scoffield - Oh WOW!! Stunning! I can’t believe how grown up these darling kids are.. how has it been that long? Joy looks as gorgeous as ever! You captured their precious family beautifully!

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