mie and elena.

They are the best of friends.  They call each other sister.  Elena is from Switzerland and Mie, Denmark.  They came to Las Vegas with a foreign exchange program.  They didn’t know each other before coming here to America but were assigned the same home.  Over time they became best friends, sisters.  Amazing, right?  At seventeen years old, to have that sort of  courage and sense of adventure- and then to find such a friend.  Wow.

In the hour or so that I spent with Mie and Elena I fell in love with the both of them.  They are so kind, darling, polite- every sort of positive adjective you could think of, they possess.  Good luck to the both of you, I know you have found an enduring, magical friendship in each other.

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Valerie - These girls are adorable! The look like they could be sisters. They are so happy which makes me happy looking at them.

Saundra - Beautiful girls. Beautiful light. Beautiful work.

Heather Baldwin - Radiant young ladies!!!
The light is EXCEPTIONAL Brooke!

Joy - Wow, these are absolutely, positively stunning…and knowing the story behind them makes them even more delicious to drink in. Your use of light here is breathtaking, and so are these darling girls!

Jennifer Urbin - Brooke these are beautiful. They gave me goosebumps mainly because I know what it’s like to have that kind of friend. My bff is moving to AZ :( I would love for you to take pics of us someday. We’ve talked about meeting up in Vegas next year for wppi, so we may just have to arrange something. I just adore this post…sigh. Gorgeous work as always!!

jaime lackey - wow. this is a great set brooke! they look so adorable!

Lacey R - Such gorgeous images & beautiful girls!

Erin Fonnesbeck - These are sweet, glowing and perfect.

Bobbie Brown - They even look like sisters! Love this post :)

Annette - awwwww. love these!!!!!! BFFs for life!! haha. seriously though, sooo warm and nice and happy :)

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