michaela in thirty six seconds.

When I happened upon the nineteen year old Syndey-based photographer, Annette Wilson’s video portraits, I was totally blown away.  I had done videos in the past, remember the darling Liam, but her video portraits were different and raw.  I fell in love with every bit of Annette’s work and well, her.  And so, I sent her a message gushing to Annette of how much I love all that she does.  She responded quickly and enthusiastically, offering me some direction with video portraits.  Annette Wilson, you are a creative genius.  You are also humble and generous; such a wonderful combination.  Thank you Annette! Be sure to check out her work here.

So, how much can you tell about a person in thirty six seconds?

Music by Jack Carty.  Them There Hills (One Thousand Origami Birds)

I can tell you three things for sure; Michelle is kind, she is smart and she is beautiful.  She was also freezing.  Thank you dear Michelle. Here are a few natural shots I adore of Michelle, a mixture of digital and film.

to see more of Michelle click here and here. Also, thank you for all of the love in the last post, Becky + Justin! And, I am now booking high school senior girls.

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Stephanie - oh. em. geeee!! These are so flippin’ gorgeous! And I, too, am so moved by video mixed with portraits that I plan on incorporating them in my work as well. So freaking stunning!!!! You go girl!

Melissa - Gorgeous and real. You truly inspire me.

Jamie Rubeis - That is funny Brooke, because I stumbled upon Annette Wilson’s blog a couple of months ago and reached out to her about her videos as well. I have tried a couple, but you nailed it of course. I have issues with camera shake that I can’t figure out.

Beautiful session!

Erin Fonnesbeck - Oh she is a doll and these are just awesome Brooke! Always awesome!

Susan - Love these…beautiful. amazing. inspiring!

Rebecca - These are gorgeous and she is gorgeous!!! Just lovely!!

Toni Raper - Sixty seconds of sweetness, loved that you contacted Annette! In Australia we don’t have ‘seniors’ but geez I have seen enough of them to know these are a beautiful natural breath of fresh air compared to what I’ve seen. They are beyond gorgeous!

Rebecca Forbush - Ooooh, I REALLY like the video!! Very cool!

Rebecca Forbush - I think you should do a video of clips of a mother and baby interacting….. I would totally volunteer….. just saying :)

stephanie T - Beautiful, raw and real… perfection as usual!

Heather Hamilton - Ooh, you’ve inspired me yet again! This is fantastic! I’m going to try and do something with my boys. Love it!

chels allred - oh boy. Could these(and she) be any more gorgeous? Really.
You’re da bomb……dot com.

Becky Earl - HOLY CRAP! I loved the video portrait. I love Annette’s work, so glad she was able to give you some help. You did a FABULOUS job, B!

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