birthday give away.

In honor of my 29th birthday, the last year of my twenties, I put together a giveaway for you!  Feast your eyes and spirits on these fabulous vendors who are all so immensely talented.  Thank you all for your generosity.

You probably know the drill.  In order to be eligible you need to 1) visit the vendors websites/blogs and like all of the vendors facebook fan pages if they have one 2) like my facebook page and then 3) leave a comment here leaving some silly or serious advice before I cross over the threshold and enter into my thirties.

And then on my birthday, July 1st, the winners will be announced by way of  Each of the seven winners will be chosen randomly to win one of the vendors giveaways.

Who’s eligible you ask?  Anyone living in the US; photographer, moms with cameras and mom’s without, friends, family members…you are all welcome to enter.

Without further ado, here are the awesome vendors:


is generously giving away a set of 10 personalized note cards and envelopes.  The winner may choose one of these four designs below.

Visit her blog here, become a fan here.




is giving away her so, so simple blogging templates (the same ones I use).

Visit her blog here and become a fan here.




is donating $15.00 credit to their shop!

Visit their shop here and become a facebook fan here.


is allowing you to pick any one item from their store here, how fun!

Vist her blog here, become a fan right here!


are so kindly giving away a $100 gift card to their shop, wowzas!

Visit their website here and become a fan here.


will be satisfying one winner’s sweet tooth with chocolate chip cupcakes topped with heavenly buttercream frosting, yum!

Visit her blog here!


is giving away a $30 gift certificate to her shop here!

Visit her blog here and become a fan here.


Good luck friends!

love, brooke ashley.

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Marlene friedmutter - You did my granddaughter Emery Connors 1st photos. I was hooked for life. I’d love some with our whole family.

Brooke Bikneris - I love your work, and love all the vendors. Happy early birthday! My advice is remember this: We will only grow old once. Embrace it. And then try to remain 18-20 in your head and spirit :)

Katrina Weingart - I visited and liked all the vendors including yourself ;) and for advice, since I’m also mid-way into year nine and twenty, I’m just living it up and having LOTS of FUN! Go to Disneyland! Spend a week enjoying the magic! <3's No better way to celebrate your last year of your "irresponsible tweens" as JRR Tolkein put it.

Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

Nicole Christiansen - I’m a liker of all the vendors and my advice is to don’t sweat the small stuff

Marissa - Do something that scares you!…like zip line, mountain bike, sky dive. AND! Happy Early Birthday friend!

cori henderson - How fun! I liked all the pages! We’re actually the exact same age (I turn 29 in August), so I’m not sure what advice to give. I don’t know about you, but I still feel like I’m 18!:)

jaime lackey - yay give away!!

Julie Harris - Sweet! Love all the vendors! You are beautiful and look amazing..dont stress about being 30! Happy Early Birthday!

melissa f. - wow, you don’t look a day over 22 :)! I hope you enjoy your birthday! go on a good vacation with just you and your hubby!!

jaime lackey - liked them all but most i already had!!

Ali - What a fun giveaway!! Happy {almost} Birthday!!! How sweet of you to let us share in your fun! My advice is to never let your mind grow as old as your body! :) Act 25 and you are 25!!

Jeanna Hayes - Awesome giveaway! Here’s some advice from someone who turned 29 a whopping THREE months before you :)…. I keep hearing that “40 is the new 30.” So I guess mathematically, 29 is the “new 19″ which means you’re still a teenager. So enjoy the last year of your teens!

katie - as a fellow 29 year old, all i have to say is enjoy it while it lasts! i always feel so old & then wistfully look back at the last year when i was so much younger! :) trying to break that cycle!

Jaclyn Landon - Happy Birthday! Love your work as always.

April Summers - Okay, I was already a fan of a few of those but now I am a fan of all of them! My serious advice is to find an awesome day time moisturizer with sunscreen and a heavy under eye cream for at night. I have seen you in person and you have beautiful skin. Keep it that way. (I basically fried mine in the sun growing up so I am getting sun spots at 34!). Fingers crossed I win a little something…..

Joy - Okay…after much technical difficulty on my part, lol, I visited and liked everyone’s pages! I can hardly think of anything but cupcakes now, :). Anyway, I love you and I love this giveaway! Enjoy your last year, I am in mine as well, and I will let you know in October what it feels like to cross over to the dirty thirties. In the meantime…my advice is to plan a big 30’s trip with some friends, plan it and get excited for it and then you will be excited when the big day comes! That’s what I am doing!

carolina lindsay - Happy birthday talented lady!! My advice is to really appreciate every day separately. Enjoy today greatly and don’t have the mentality ever that life will start for you at some point. cogratulations to you for your accomplishments!!

Janneke Brakke - Liked all the wonderful vendors!

And I do kinda know what you mean. I’m 19 turning 20 soon (I know you’re probably laughing :P) But it’s so odd not to be a teenager then anymore. I kinda like the way 19 sounds.

I guess just embrace this new milestone in your life and reflect on all the wonderful things you have already accomplished!

Ashley Dawn - Ok— So looked around and…
Cute CUTE Cards!!!
Hee hee <3
Umm… Hello Cuteness!
Where do people seriously get this creative juice stuffs?! man alive!
Freaking fun and simple and hecka awesome!
And any chance that German Chocolate Cake she made for her hubs comes in GLUTEN FREE!! UGH! DYING HERE!!! THat looks freaking amazing. Just saying.

Ok.. My advice babes..
On top of that, You are only as old as you feel. My Grandma says she is 29. Pretty crazy my grandma is only 3 years older than me. But I don't question it. ;)
Love ya babes!

Bobbie Brown - Wow! These are some GREAT giveaways!!!! Hoping I’ll win one! Haha! Okay, as for entering into your 30’s… I really do not know yet since I just turned 29 (in March) myself! But I’ll go with, enjoy your last year in your 20’s then go into your 30’s with a bang – because as I’ve heard … 30 IS the new 20! :) Happy Birthday to you, I hope it is wonderful!

Briana - I liked all the pages, and I visited all their blogs!

For you birthday, you just need to kick back, and let it happen! Just relax, and act the age you want to be!

ohbrooke - WOW! Lots of inspiring stuff!! I’m turning 28 on 7-7, WAH!

When did we get this old? Kids I babysat are now having kids of their own which leads me to wonder how parents trusted me to babysit their kids when I was only a few years older than them. But I digress…

Thirty is sexy and you will rock it.

Kimberly - Such a fun giveaway! Happy Birthday! Live it up :)

Heather - What a great giveaway! I visted all of the vendors websites and liked them on Facebook. :)

Marley May - Liked all vendors, they are fabulous! Have a wonderful birthday and remember you are as old as you feel!

Jessica Washburn - I liked all the pages! Some of them I already had but loving finding more things to love!

I just recently turned 29 as well.. “my last birthday” I called it.. but my advice is Laugh.. just laugh. You will always feel younger when you just laugh. Happy Early Birthday! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

colleen from alabama - Happy Birthday! My advice:you are only as old as you feel, until you hit 40…then your body starts falling apart and you can’t deny it anymore! Part kidding, part serious :) I’ll be 46 next month and if my Doctor doesn’t stop answering every question i ask with “well,you know at your age…” I might just scream!

Megan - Love all of these vendors! I am fans of all :)

Thirty is not so bad…it was 31 that was weird for me! And I turn 33 next month. Eesh!

My advice is to keep thinking young :)

Lindsay Griffeth - ooohh, Happy Birthday Brooke! And enjoy that last year in your 20’s.

My 30th is next week. Maybe that will bring me some birthday luck in your drawing! :)

Cherie Hogan - I officially LOVE, not just like all the vendors – and I seriously hope I win something! :) 29 is still so young girl! Don’t worry – enjoy the last year of your 20’s! :)

kerry - Love the vendors and the idea of a birthday give away! Cute cute stuff! And happy birthday in a few short days! Love birthdays! When you turn 30 – celebrate with all you hold dear, spend the night away with your husband some where fun and eat way too much yummy dessert! Enjoy sweet friend!!

Anya Earl - Do what I did when I turned 30… Get pregnant with your fourth! :)

Rachel - “Liked” the whole list. Kids make you feel old, but let you act young.

christine - happy early birthday, brooke! thanks for the contest! welcome to the 30s. not sure i have any words of wisdom, but i’m pretty sure most will tell you the 30s are better than the 20s. :)

Megan - Love all of the vendors! Am fans of all.

For me, turning 30 wasn’t weird but turning 31 was! And I turn 33 next month… eek!

My advice would be to keep thinking young :)

Valerie (Colibriphoto) - My Dear friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I will participate to your contest even if I’m from Canada! And if I win, I will give it away to another random amazing supporter of yours! ; ) Love love love your work and YOU! xx

Cathy Schneidenbach - Happy Birthday pretty lady! Enjoy every day of your life, as if everyday were your last! You’ll have no regrets if you can live like this!

kristen g. - done and done. as for advice…I’m in the same boat. all I know is that I still think of myself as an 18 year old. then when I’m around 18 year olds, I realize that I am SO not an 18 year old :) and then I’m pretty glad I’m not an 18 year old :) so…I guess my advice is to embrace it! at least that is what I keep telling myself :)

Lauren Casto - Yay! Happy birthday, Brooke! My advice is to HAVE FUN and enjoy being young. :) Thanks for treating us all with this wonderful give away. What an incredibly generous birthday girl you are! ;)

Julie - Advice huh? I have none because I’ve decided to NEVER turn 30. If you are smart like me you will do the same! LOL! no really though, you are only as old as you feel… which means I’m 52. ugh. I never understood that saying because once you have kids of your own and no longer get to just be a carefree kid… you age instantly. Really though, Hope you have a happy birthday and FEEL younger than you are! :)

Kellie - Brooke, all I know is that we were kids together and acted like big ol geeks and we should continue to do that into adulthood! Just stay you: happy, playful, hilarious and creative and you will feel young forever! Thanks for the giveaway, happy birthday real soon!

Ruth - What a sweet idea to host a giveaway On your birthday. With such a generous kind heart there is nothing stopping you from enjoying many, many more beautiful years to come with the same energy and enthusiasm you simply ooze already! Happy 29!!

Megan Weber - Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day! It’s just a number!

Heidi Haden - I’m now a fan of everyone!! aww Happy Birthday girly! Your work is so beautiful & so is your smile. I hope your 29th bday is the bombdiggityshoop-shoop. XOXO

Suzanne { SHE PAPERIE } - In the words of our girl Oprah, “love what you’ve got!” Embrace, enjoy and savor every moment…that’s my advice to you!

And holy moly this line up is awesome!! I have officially followed + liked (aka LOVED) everyone on FB. My fingers are crossed that I win something, hopefully not the 1st item, haha! I only entered because you told me to! :) Happy Birthday Brooke!

Kellie - You are one of the most beautiful, kind, talented people I know. I would say keep on doing what your doing – cause you already have anything and more that you could ever need. You get to spend the rest of your life with your beautiful kids, your great husband and your gorgeous self. Look what you have accomplished so far. What many people only dream of!
So proud to know you! Happy Birthday friend!

Melissa R - Liked it all! My advice: keep doing what you love. Life is short and regret is a sorry state of mind.

Erin Hatch - I’m a liker of all the vendors, including you, and would LOVE to win the Gradybug Design stuff!!

Slow down, and enjoy each moment. Don’t let them slip by so quickly, without making the most of it:) You’re the best!

Melly B. - Love this idea Brooke! I keep hearing that 30’s is your best sexual peak time! So enjoy :) Much LOVE my beautiful friend!

Jessica B - What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! I’ve liked and I’m tryign to decide what I like best…. maybe the bike notecards from ShePaperie?!?! Super Cute. Anyway… advice… 30 ain’t so bad, but enjoy 29! :)

Emily - I just liked all of the vendors! Happy birthday! I am turning 30 next too! Trying not to think about it lol. Age is just a number right?

Rebecca Forbush - I like them all! What a fun idea!
Advice??? Hmmmm, I’ll be 29 2 months after you….. So, my advice is, let’s party our last year in our 20’s up together!!!! :) My advice is to eat more chocolate, when will your metabolism ever be so good!!??? :)

MegRuth - You should totally do a 30 before 30 list! You’ve got a year, you can totally knock one out! I made one, I’ve got 2.5 years left. Heaven help me!

Tabitha - I liked all the awesome vendors on FB!

Melissa - Hi Brooke!
Just did all my “liking”! Happy early birthday… and I think 30 is fabulous! I am almost done with my 30 year celebration… about to hit 31 and think we are both pretty lucky gals to have amazing husbands and the best kids, so no advice needed! :)

Tabitha - Already a FB stalker!

Tabitha - Don’t worry, 30 is the new 20!!!!!

Tamara - Hi Brooke!!

As for as my advice to you, Do what you love, be who you are, and love with all your heart! You are a very talented person and I love how goofy you make us act when you are taking pictures (thats why you are the best!) Just be you!

Have a great year, and I truly believe that 30’s are the new 20’s…So you have 10 more years to live it up!


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