if at first you dont succeed.

try, try again, right?  I thought it would be special to try self portraits with my husband on Mother’s Day. And eh, well working with two subjects, OCF and a wireless controller can be quite tricky I tell you.  Will be attempting this again, soon. 

love, brooke ashley.

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Jessica B - Helloooooo! I want a shot of me & my hubby like that!

Katie Elmer - haha, too cute! love it! and yes…please do try again ;)

Jen Stafford - Can’t wait to see what you get, but I kinda like this one! ;)

Melissa - lol….that is so cute!

Bobbie Brown - Ohhhh! Love it and want to see more!

Rebecca Forbush - That’s funny! I think this is still a cool picture :)

Ashley Dawn - OMG I so love it!! :)

Colibriphoto - How did I missed that one? Too cute Brooke. You have to give a go at it again!!! : )

jaime lackey - i think you did it perfectly!

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