playing with light.

And I quote, “I must warn you that I am no model. Are you sure?”.  So said Kristen when I asked her to model.  Mmkay Kristen, I must disagree.  One thing I especially love about Kristen is that although she is mega-gorgeous she doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Every so often I’d show her an image on the LCD screen and she would bust out laughing, calling herself a nerd, or a dork… one of the two.  Thank you and cute Lauren for being so patient as I fiddled around for a bit.  You two were so delightful.

These were shot with a 580 ex speed light and softbox as well as an open umbrella, just if you’re curious.


love, brooke ashley.

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Jen Stafford - These are lovely. She is beautiful, and I love your use of light. Gorgeous :)

velvetowlphotography - GORGEOUS!! And gorgeous light! I love these.

Emily Clark - Wow!! You did an awesome job with your lighting! :)

Joy - First of all…she could not be any more gorgeous!! What a beautiful friend you have! Second, the lighting in these is SO yummy, it motivates me to drag out my equipment and start playing… SO fabulous!

brittany - I love them. The lighting is wonderful. Great job Brooke.

Kristin Nicole - Gorgeous…it is so relaxing to shoot for fun, especially with such a gorgeous subject.

April Summers - First of all, these are spectacular! Second, she BEAUTIFUL! The lighting is perfect and I LOVE your b & W conversions! Enough said.

kristen - AAHHHHH!! nerd alert!!

seriously though. thank you for thinking of me. it’s pretty fun to have some pictures of myself taken by my most favorite photographer! and it was fun to laugh at myself for a couple hours :) you truly are the best…

Marissa - Beautimous!! Lovely lighting and lovely model!! :)

nicole - These are beautiful! And so is she! The first and the last are my absolute favorite!

Andrea - so simple, yet so beautiful. And yes, she is definitely model material:)

Valerie Lusvardi - AMAZING!!

Colibriphoto - AmaZZZZZZZing! I quit. You are the best. Perfect lighting, perfect composition, perfect editing, perfect model, P-E-R-F-E-C-T photographer. Absolutely WOW.

Anya - Kristen couldn’t look ugly if her life depended on it.
They are fabulous- you should have a life size print made for Mike’s office. :)

Tiffany - Oh my goodness Brooke!!! I just loooovvvee everything you do! These are so perfect in every way!!

ohbrooke - REALLY beautiful. You should be famous.

Becky Earl - Brooke!!! I love them! And I agree Kristen couldn’t look bad if she tried! love them alllll!!!

chelsea allred - I would’ve never guessed she wasn’t a model. She is really just so stunning! As are your photos as usual.

Rebecca Forbush - These are stunning! So beautiful! Was that my fan that blew her hair so gorgeously??? :)

aimee jones - Um, I will have her hair,her lips, and your photog skills! Thank you!!

Meg Sexton - I love these! I found you through and just had to comment on the fantastic light in these images. Nicely done. :)

Neely Catignani - Hi there. I’m just getting started here in this bright and shiny photo world, and I spend many of my days gawking at your images. This shoot in particular is gorgeous! Swoon. Do you mind sharing a few details about your lighting set-up. Is saw the equipment you use there at the top. Just curious about your set-up. Thanks so much!

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