baby liam.

post edit: for a basic tutorial regarding shooting video manually click here!

There are no words to relay just how cute baby Liam is.  I thoroughly enjoyed photographing him, and appreciated the work out.  Thank you Megan, hope you love these.

In April I will be writing a short tutorial on the Las Vegas Photographer’s Blog about shooting video manually, hence the reason for  the video of the darling Liam at the end of this post.  I’m in no way claiming to be a videographer.  So if you happen to be a videographer, go easy thanks!

And now, meet Liam!





song Along the Codorus used with permission by the talented Greg Maroney

love, brooke ashley.

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Amy - Hi Brooke – can’t wait to see your tutorial. I’m sure I’m going to love it, and that it will give me an excuse to get the MarkII..right?? :)

Cherie - Absolutely loved the video! So amazing! Made me appreciate the photos even more!

chelsea allred - What a darling boy and darling pictures! Love the video!

Megan - They are perfect Brooke and the video captures the essence of our busy little Liam. Thanks again! I’m sorry our photo shoot was a little too memorable :)!

Bobbie Brown - Oh my goodness, the video is ADORABLE! (and so are your pictures of course!) I have no clue how to edit and put clips of video together… I want to learn so bad!

Chelsea - Fabulous photos as always! The video is darling! Great job!

Joy - He is absolute preciousness, these images are perfect, Brooke. LOVE the ones of him peaking over the ottoman.
Gorgeous video!! You rock. Rock the casbah.

Kristin Nicole - What a Cutie!!!

Colibriphoto - Wow!!! You are amazing! This is fantastic Brooke! Love the pics love the video. What a cute little munchkin!

cori - He’s so adorable! Love all the images and the video is darling!

Mi Mi - Way too cute!!!! Great pictures–will I get copies?

DanaOh - You know I love this girl!!! MMmmMMM!!! This mother must be melting with all that ooey gooey goodness. And btw… I have secretly been building up to posting a video, but not so brave yet. I plan on incorporating this into sessions when I’m better at it. It’s addicting!!! ;) xo

Erin Fonnesbeck - Awesome Brooke… just awesome.

Rebekah Lyn - Super cute baby and beautiful pics! Love the name as well :)

Rachal Brown - What a cutie! Great job! :)

Tiffany - Yay!! These are precious! The video is GREAT Brooke!! Wow!! You are awesome!

Katie - Ahhhh…I love these! :)

Andrea - OMG I lOVE LOVE LOVE the video!!!!!!!

Andrea - absolutely adorable!!! I love all the different perspectives you capture!

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