kari and kris.

Recently I, along with Erin and Heather, headed out to Nelson, Nevada.  This old town is often referred to as a “photographer’s dream”.  Well, that’s only if you are into old cars, all things rusty, and ruthless cacti in the toosh (Long story about Erin and a cactus in the toosh.  Dang, I’ve said too much).  We invited the most darling, recently engaged, soon-to-be married couple.  Their names, Kris and Kari.  They were per-fect. Totally in love, and such wonderful chemistry.  A great start to a happy marriage I’d say.

I’ll begin with something a little different.  Different is good, so I’ve heard.

I especially love these first few shots.  They speak to me.  The grain, their expressions, the haphazard-looking compositions, crops and tilts- even the twinkling lights from the passing cars in the background speak to me.

love, brooke ashley.

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Heather Magliarditi - ok seriously, you rocked this shoot, bigtime. I love what you did, these are so fun and so real, I just think you are so awesome. WOW I better go start mine, and see if I can rock it too. great job love the couple with the OCF, amazing.

Joy - Oh, these are beautiful!! I can’t even pick a favorite. What a gorgeous couple and beautiful images, Brooke!! You ALWAYS impress me.

brittany - I love your off camera flash pictures. You have such an eye for beauty. Great pictures.

Colibriphoto - Brooke, you are FANTASTIC! I just LOVE your composition in this post. You did an amazing job, again. Lol.

Julianna Turley - Love it!

Chelsea - Gorgeous Brooke!

Bobbie Brown - I looooooooove these! I kept thinking I’d find a favorite, but then I would see another that I thought was a fav. I will say that the ‘yello’ shots speak to me though :)

Bobbie Brown - Um, *Yellow* … sorry I can’t seem to spell tonight! haha!

Kelli - You amaze me to no end. Awesome stuff on this here blog. :)

Brittany - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

erin fonnesbeck - Brooke! I LOVE these! These are perfection!!!

Rebecca Forbush - I really like these! I like how the cactus look like they’re glowing in the last one. :)

Becky Earl - How cute are they?!?! You are amazing Brooke! Love the first ones too!! Very cool!

Tiffany - These are sooo beautiful! I truly LOVE your work and am always in awe of your talent girl!

heather - i saw your post on the lens loves website and couldn’t wait to see more of your work. i absolutely LOVE your work. gorgeous light and genuine interactions between loved ones. what a beautiful couple! looks like they had so much fun on the shoot. :)

Jessica B - Super fun!

Chantel - Oh I love these! The look so fun and the lighting is awesome!

Tiffany P. - Seriously!!! Flawless!!! LOVE!

kathy - What an ADORABLE couple!! They look so fun! You are amazing… I seriously drool over your perfect images.

chelsea allred - these are SO cute. I love kari!

Ashley Willis - Absolutely amazing. I love your composition and the interaction between them that you captured so perfectly! I love how you process your black and whites. Any tips? Love your work! Keep it up!

Tammy - Fabulous shots! These are so fun & full of life. They look like an awesome couple.

Brooke - Thanks girls, I appreciate reading your comments! They are a beautiful couple, so perfect.

Kari - I love them Brooke! We are so happy we were able to not only get one great photgrapher, but 3! These are unique, and you girls did an amazing job. :)

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