shiny happy people.

I couldn’t think of a better title.

On November 17th, my dear friend Marissa gave birth to her sweet baby girl, Jane.  This darling baby has been greatly anticipated and the experience was shear jubilance.

7:42 pm

8:08 pm

8:43 pm “pressure”

9:26 pm Jane Elizabeth enters the world weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces, 19 inches long.

Marissa quietly held and cuddled Jane for quite awhile, almost like the two were being reacquainted.

“I had a baby”

Congratulations Marissa, John and Sarah, Jane is beautiful. And thank you for letting me take part in your joy!

love, brooke ashley.

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Ashlee - Wow! This post made me so happy, almost in tears happy!! These are beautiful, what a treasure to have these photos!

Colibriphoto - TEARS TEARS TEARS…How beautiful Brooke….You are the best! Your friend is VERY lucky to have those images. Superbe!

Jessica B - Yay!!! Congratulations Marissa!!!!

April Summers - Beautifully done. I WISH I had photos like these of the birth of my boys. I am sure they will cherish them forever!

Andrea - Love it! Congrats to mom & dad :)

Lynsey - So cute! Beautiful mom, baby, and pictures!!

Kelsey Anderson - Seriously Brooke I hope you are going to do more birth photography! These are flippin fabulous and IF I can convince my hubby for another you must photograph the birth!!

Congrats Marissa and family!!

Melissa Brown - Brooke, these totally took my breath away! They are gorgeous!

Tirzah - Beautiful photo’s Brooke!! Marissa looks awesome in all of these! She’s sooo sweet. She worked at the ortho’s office I went to for my braces, was so cool to run into her again.

Rebecca - This is so sweet and exciting! You really captured the excitement!! :) Beautiful!

Melissa - What a beautiful baby… and this family is sooo lucky to have these gorgeous photos to cherish! Way to go Brooke!!

Marissa - Incredible!! I seriously just keep coming back to your blog to stare at these. There just aren’t enough words to express my thanks…I love these so much!! You are the best!!

jaime lackey - oh i love it when you do these! they always make me so emotional! thanks for sharing!

ohbrooke - These types of photos make me cry! How do you do it? I love how you capture this!

Joy - Gorgeous, stunning, precious, touching…amazing!

Valerie - How amazing! It’s so wonderful that you could capture this precious moment for them. These photos are beautiful! Brooke, your work is always stunning.

jean smith - brooke…i have never photographed a birth, but i think it would be so wonderful. gorgeous images that portray the event beautifully!!

Sheryll Lynne - these are AMAZING, brooke. so much emotion!

Alison - What a joyful day to remember. Good job Mommy & Daddy Moss!!

becky - such a priceless story. captured so beautifully!

JamieY - Wow these are just so beautiful. Just curious, how do you process your black and whites? I am so in love.

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