raindrops were falling on our heads.

Quite literally.  Mike was worried about my precious camera but I assured him it was water resistant but then it began to rain even harder and I thought ‘water resistant not water proof’.

But in all honesty, this session was amazing.  I adore this family (who I also photographed last year).  While preparing this post I’ve been thinking of ways to describe Kristen, Mike, Lauren and Beau.  The words that come to mind: kind, beautiful, easy-going, and really really cool.  Thank you guys, I’m thankful to call you friends!  Enjoy.

Inspiration for this little love diddy came from the fabulous Bellini Portraits, everything she does is pure genius.  I have fallen madly in love with every one of her images.  Be sure to check her out.

Also, I was featured on Las Vegas Photographer for the month of December, click here to read my article about keeping the joy alive in your photography.  Thank you again Amy and Cindy!

love, brooke ashley.

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