eight witches.

I typically don’t post on Sunday however, I thought it would be fun to post a witch every day until Halloween, when my most favorite witch will be posted!

So, why in the world did I take pictures of my friends as witches?  One entirely amazing and creative friend of mine hosts a “Witches Tea” every year where we dress as witches and then feast upon the most delectable of foods.  This year a few of the items on the menu: brie with grape chutney, savory pumpkin bisque, grilled apple salad, panini milano, and pumpkin cakes.

So here is Adrienne, who I will appropriately entitle “the masquerade witch”.

Also, I have been posting a lot of black and whites lately but I cannot wait to share what I shot last night.  Imagine a beautiful girl coupled with beautiful light and color.  Boy, I can’t wait to share these babies!

love, brooke ashley.

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