mr. bubble and a give away.

Mr. Bubble: Friend or foe?  You’ll have to be the judge because I just can’t decide.  Either way this little girl is blessed to have such a loving older brother.  I hope it’s always this way.

(this all happened in a matter of seconds of course)

update: This is SO great hearing about your Halloween costumes. Thank you everyone for making this fun!

AND, a GIVEAWAY!  In honor of my little Luke’s birthday and because I think it would be gratifying to give back and… because I have an itch to get out and shoot, I am giving away a MINI-SESSION!   What’s a mini session you ask?  We will shoot for 30 minutes and in the end you will receive 10-15 high resolution images on CD.  Of course, I retain the copyright but you have the right to print your images to your heart’s desire.  Why a mini you ask? Because I have a newborn that I can’t bear be away from for long.  Who’s eligible?  Anyone really.  Past client, photographer and non-photographer alike are welcome to enter.

Just a few stipulations.  Those being photographed must be in the same immediate family and your mini session must be booked for this year, 2010.

All you have to do is become of fan of BAP on facebook.  Then leave a comment on this post.  Tell everyone what your family is going to dress up as for Halloween.  As for my family, we are all about Star Wars this year.

Using, a winner will be chosen a week from today so you have ONE WEEK to enter.  FUN!

love, brooke ashley.

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Alison - Already a fan. Dora is our inspiration this year. I decided to embrace it rather than fight it, plus I think Brian will be awesome as the Grumpy Old Troll.

cori henderson - Ooh! I wish I lived closer so I could enter! Whoever wins is SO lucky!!! And those images are ADORABLE!!!

Amanda Hair - Hey I’ve been a fan do I still count? Lol. Wyatt is getting too big too do themes with us (we all did Star Wars a few years ago too! I was Chewbacca haha) this year he’ll be Han Solo and Piper is Tinkerbell in a costume momma made! I’ll probably dress up as Wendy with her!!

Brittany - According to our two year old, she will be a princess, her baby brother will be a pumpkin, daddy will be a kitty cat and I’ll be a mommy. So there you have it.

Kristin - I’m already a HUGE fan and I would love a BAP family photo for my Christmas cards this year and something to adorn my walls since my current family pics are 2 and a half years old…what is that saying about the cobblers children never having new shoes??

Kristin - Oops, I forgot to to tell you Halloween…Ballerina, ’80 chick and a super hero!! and p.s. I love the bath series!! so cute!

stefanie zeltner - ive got two firefighters, a police officer (for my three boys), and a cowboy and indian (for me and the hubs!)

Christine - I’m already a fan, of course. I’d love a shoot for our Christmas cards and just to see you! :) Haven’t decided on Halloween costumes but I’m thinking Disney. Maybe Minnie Mouse or Tinkerbell for Kaya’s first Halloween.

Sarah - Who is not a fan already?! Seriously this would be a DREAM!!!!!!! The boys want to be Thomas but I can’t commit the costume is awful….so we will see!

Kellie Yeates - Oh! Me please! We’ve got three little boys who are refusing to coordinate this year. We have a transformer, a pirate, and a fire fighter. I guess the pirate could attack the transformer and the fire fighter could come to the rescue?

Julie Harris - Oh Please, Oh please…I am a fan on facebook and Addalyn is going to be Jeese from Toy Story, I am going to be Woody and Joe is going to be Buzz Light Year!!!

Kristin - Totally a fan! We have a Zorro, Ninja Turtle and Flower Garden Gnome headed out for Halloween this year. And – since I don’t think I will be back in Vegas in 2010, if I win, this one goes to my sis!!

Kellie Connors - I have a Ton of goodness over here to shoot!!! And we are all being characters from the Red Riding Hood Story – Em is Red, Adelaide is the Grandma (there is grey yarn for hair in her bonnet and a lace shawl for her onesie), Clu is the lumberjack, and I am the wolf. Clu’s aunt made the girls costumes and they are insane!

Amanda J - I’m already a fan as well! My kids have decided to dress up as Batman and a butterfly. My husband and I aren’t sure if we’re going to dress up this year, but we’ve thought about being “bad guys” so Batman can take us down!

Kerry - Well as you know, I am anxious for my Brooke to come back to work but only for selfish reasons – I really want you to take all the time in the world to spend with your cute little family but nonetheless, I would love to have any chance to get some pictures of our soon to be new little family of 5. The girls are going to be a Barbie Mermaid and Strawberry Shortcake. It should be fun! P.S. Ava is so darn cute!

Bobbie Brown - Ah… to bad we are not close to you! love the pictures!

jen - i *love* your photography.
serious love.
halloween? undecided.

McKinna - Oh I want it!!! I love love your photographs!! Anyways, you know I’ve been a fan for a while on FB… Halloween, we are about star was too!!!
**good luck to me!!! ;)

Rachel - Already a fan! We are thinking of a pirate theme (chosen by the 3 year old). Now to convince the older kids.

Ashley Dawn - Ooo! Ooo! ooo! I am so entering!!! :) I would LOVE pics done of me and Austin! That would be AWESOME!


HALLOWEEN…. we are stuck.

We are going to either be HE-MAN and SHE-RA (hee hee)
The Mask and Tina (eh…. )
Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games- and I think it would actually be cool)
Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit (We did this 4 years ago… people are saying we should do it again… not sure about that..)

LOL Yeah… talk about being indecisive!

Love ya!

Michelle McWhorter - I love all the work that you do! Was the soap in the face on purpose? She was a trooper!
We haven’t quite figured out what everyone is going to be for halloween yet. Nicole is between a pirate, a witch or a ladybug. Becca is between a witch, bumblebee or supergirl. Kimmy wants to be a bumblebee and little Lizzie will be either a ballerina or a fairy. Not sure if I am going to dress up or not. I am so excited for halloween!

nicole - I am totally a facebook fan! i think i would pee my pants if i won! Cooper is all about star wars this year too…he already has a clone trooper costume and 2 star wars buckets to put candy in. Miss Harper is yet to be decided. I want her to be a bee or ladybug…something with striped tights, cuz how often in your life can you pull off striped tights with fat legs and it be ok…right? But her dad says he wants something else, maybe star wars to go with brother’s or maybe pebbles because of her hair right now. I guess I better get on that! me…I like to dress up as an overly worked/tired mom…oh wait, that’s what I look like every day..hehe! miss you, can’t wait to meet your new man!

April Summers - Big fan! Okay….Lincoln (3yrs) is going to be a garbage man and Bennett (3mths) is going to be a pile of trash. I have ZERO family photos so I really hope I win…..not to mention I admire your work!

Brandi R - How wonderful!!! I’m a fan!

We have three little girls 5 and under… its definitely a princess/fairy Halloween this year!!

Mandy - Love your pics Brooke! And would love to win a mini-session with you! :)
Halloween….my 5 yr old is going to be a ninja, and as for my girls…something that requires makeup I’m sure.

Marissa - First of all – I absolutely love these! You can see how much she loves her brother! Secondly – I am already a fan in every sense of the word!! *crossing my fingers* I will win!
Sarah is going to be a bumblebee, and I got a shirt that says “Pumpkin Smuggler” with a picture of a pumpkin on the belly. John will prob be a police officer. ;)

Lin - Luv your work… I think we will go with toy story for halloween -Woody, Buzz and Jessie

Tirzah - Hope I’m not to late. I was turned on to your blog by a family member of yours actually & I’ve been dropping by from time to time since then ;).
Anywhoo, I’m hoping to pull together a Huckleberry Fin get-up for my 2 year old. If that doesn’t happen for me, then we are falling back to a skeleton (not sure what mum & dad are going to be just yet).
PS, love your images & going to FB you now.

Kim - Hey Brooke!
I know this is a long shot because we are in different states, but it looks like we are moving back to UT, so I figured if you are going to be visiting there, maybe I have a shot :)
I’m already a huge fan and hope we can hook up sometime now that we’re moving closer regardless of whether I win or not. Winning, however, would be wonderful because we are going to be poor struggling college students AGAIN! HA! But this time we will have four kids in tow! Ben decided he wants to go to law school, thus the move.
I have been thinking about a Peter Pan theme: Ben-Hook, Me-Tiger Lily, Dallin-Pan, Hailey-Wendy, and Grace-Tink. Our move will probably fall right around Halloween, so I’m not sure if it will all come together. And I’m not sure how I feel about a six month pregnant Tiger Lily!

Mckell - Sounds exciting. I am in. My family doesn’t have a theme, my 3 year old wants to be a dinosaur, my baby girl is going to be a butterfly fairy, I am going to be a vampire, and my husband is as always a big scary monster looking thing!

Nicki - Jaxon and Makenzie: Dorothy and the Tinman!!

Jenn - The Harhays will be Alice in wonderland-old school, not tim Burton :) Jenn: white rabbit, mitch: mad hatter, annison,:Alice, Lilly:Cheshire cat.

Adrienne - Hey Brooke! I want a mini sess! My girls are gonna be Minnie Mouse and Mikey is gonna be Mickey! I’ll call you later. I miss ya! :)

Lissa - Hey Brooke, I thought I would enter even though I don’t live by you…you are coming up for Meg’s shower, right? I hope so because I want to see that cute baby of yours. So this entry is lame because my kids haven’t decided what they want to be yet. Nat is probably going to be a rose garden (idea off of Martha Stewart), the boys can’t decide. I still have 25 days to figure it out (nothing like waiting until the last minute)! I hope you are doing well…and BTW I love those pictures of bath time, so cute!

Joy - FUN contest and I love, love, love this series. It is absolutely adorable, especially when he wipes away her bubble eyes. SO sweet!

Nicole - Oooh- I would just LOVE to have you take our pictures! I am so your biggest fan on facebook already! You are my hero BTW!

Oh and for Halloween- we joke about all dressing up as the aliens from Sesame Street. (Ya know- Meep meep meep meep meep, uh huh uh huh) HAhaha. But we’ll prob be a mix of star wars and fairy tales at our house… Maybe a little Mario Brothers thrown in there…. it’s hard to get 3 kids to all want to dress up as the same theme….

Taylor Kowallis - Oh I would LOVE to win! I love your pictures, truly talented!! This year my girls are going to be cute little fairies!! They are so excited!!

Cherie - Oh those photos are so cute! For years my husband has wanted to dress up as David Bowie from the Labyrinth and we’re finally doing it! I’m dressing up as Sarah (Jennifer Connolly), our baby girl is “Toby” and the hubby is Jareth, the evil goblin king! LOL!

Molly - Congrats Brooke! Your family is beautiful! This year our little one Abram (now 9 months) is going to be a hamburger. Not sure yet about CJ and I, but I was thinking the ketchup and mustard costumes perhaps? Anyway, I love our wedding pics you took and would love some family pics!

Melissa - Hmm… is there ANY way possible to bribe Haha!

I will probably be a bee again…. but I do know Taylor will be a polka dot witch, Cade will be a army dude, and Regan a pink poodle.

These photos of Ava are seriously to do die for. I hope these get hung up. The last one is especially delicious with her sweet smile and those eyelashes. Wow. And you were just saying she doesn’t cooperate for photos. Thank goodness you had your camera ready. :)

Lets cross our fingers for this mini session!

Andrea - LOVE these photos so sweet! I love that shes got her jewels on in the tub :) Ive gotta work on Halloween :( harley is gonna be tinkerbell, she goes by “stinkerbell” :)
Hope all is well & you’re enjoying your time off with the family :)A

Rebecca - Great idea! (MY) Brooke is going to be Rapunzel and Porter is going to be a Knight in Shining Armor…… I was able to pull that off with Porter because he gets a sword! :)

Becky - Brooke! Great pictures of your cute little Ava! You are so amazing. Hope you are doing well. I never got back to you about what I want to do with Molly’s 1 year photos… I will e-mail you. BUT… wanted to leave a post too!

I have no idea what we are all doing for halloween! Isn’t that horrible? The only thing i know FOR SURE.. is that I am not buying any thing. I have so many costumes… after 12 years of halloweens… multiple children… I have quite the collection. I should rent them out. :) So.. I guess.. depending on the size of the kid.. the costume that fits is the one they get to be!


Love you!

Ikaika - Wow. That second to the last picture is the spitting image of Cody!

Anya - ooooo- I hope I win.
Kaia-Minnie Mouse
It sounds Twilight-ish doesn’t it?

kristen g - me! me! me! :)

lauren: a butterfly cowgirl (her very own idea :)
beau: a mummy

Melissa B. - Could I be that lucky!!!!

Landon- Bam Bam

Lucy- Pebble

Melissa- Betty

Jared- Barney

Kiss Luke from his Auntie Melissa!!! xoxo

Ashley Dawn - @ Cherie- Sorry I was coming back to read peoples Halloween ideas (I am still in the idea range….. and looking at news ones might help) and saw that you are DOING LABYRINTH!! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT!!! GO YOU! are you going the Jeans outfit? or the White Dress? I always wanted to do the White dress with the mask….. *blush* I thought it would be cool. :)

@Brooke- you are my favorite for having everyone post their halloween ideas. LOL Google is horrible…. This was pure genius.


Emily R - It would be amazing to have you take pictures of my family! Your talent is so inspiring. The pictures you post often leave me absolutely breathless.

As for Halloween – I let everyone choose their own costume this year. We will have a 50’s Car Hop, Star Song from My Little Pony, and a train conductor. I can’t wait!

Jessica B - I’m already a fan! :)

The family might go with a Star Wars theme as well… I wish I had the dough to buy my husband a super awesome Chewie costume! But he may end up being Han Solo & me Leia. Are you getting a baby Yoda costume? I’ve always wanted a a baby Yoda. We’ll see if it all comes together…

Stacie Goodrich - This is the year of the hand-me-downs for my family. We’re going “green” and the younger kids are wearing their older siblings costumes from previous years. We’re not really coordinating with eachother, but everyone will have a big smile for sure!!!

crystal l - i bet my husband wishes we could do a star wars family. that would be his dream come true.
but instead, emma is sleeping beauty and jack is a spider :)

Arcelia G - YAY! I am a new fan and love giveaways! My little guy and daddy will be Mario and Luigi for Halloween this year, my 2 oldest girls will be punk rockers and baby Sophie will be Snow White.

April Swensen - Already a fan! Mack is going a a bad witch since last year she was a good witch. Brooklyn will be a shark and Ava a spider. It will be a miracle if I even get my husband to dress up. Wish me luck.

Ronni - No family yet, just me and my love. So we are dressing up like senior citizens, it should be fun!

Heather - Wow, this is a really cool giveaway. I’m friends with Roz and have always loved your work. Sign me up for the giveaway.
This year for Halloween by son will be batman, my daughter will be a princess and me, well not so sure. Since I’m pregnant I’m kind of not doing a family theme.

Chelsea - They are so beautiful!

Marin D - How fun! My husband I don’t dress up and our girls still haven’t decided on what they want to be. Our four year old said she wants to be a princess, fairy, and she needs her eye patch. I said so a pirate princess? No. Just a princess, fairy and her eye patch. LOL! Kids are funny.

Britney Barker - That last photo is to die for! GORGEOUS! I want to enter. The boys are both being ninja’s (which I’m making both their costumes…kill me now!) And our little one is being Cinderella. She’d wear that dress everyday if I let her. So fun.

Thanks Brooke! :)

Alisa - I have been wanting you to shoot my family forever and everytime I convince my husband to spend the money I find out you are booked. I sooo hope I win this giveaway.

Unfortunately my 2 oldest are too old for mom to pick their costumes. Makes me sad. This year my oldest wants to be Justin Beiber(yes he is a little obsessed with him). My daughter is going to be Rupunzel, my 3rd is going to be Spiderman and my baby is going to be yoda.

AJA FREEBURN - We are already facebook fans….. This is awesome!! My almost 2 year old daughter is going to be a tulip, my almost 5 year old will be Mario and my 9 year old son will be jake sully…. we ordered some unique pieces from etsy so it should be AWESOME!! Thanks for the oportunity!!

Robyn - i am trying/begging my kids and husband to all be garden gnomes! If they really won’t go for that, my second big idea is for all of us to dress up as old people–even our 1-year old! (I crack myself up!) I’m a fan on face book!

Christa Sargent - Brooke, LOVE!!!! your photographs. You are so talented. Hopefully we will see you at the Trunk or Treat :) Our family is going to be a family of PIRATES, Argh! Except for Michael, he’s going to be a Grim Reaper, that kind of goes with pirates, right? :). I caved, since I figured he probably won’t dress up for many more Halloween’s :( Thank you for being so amazing!

Becky - Brooke, you are such a fantastic and talented photographer! I love checking out your blog! I have been meaning to comment on your blog for awhile. I haven’t because I don’t know you, but we do have some mutual friends. I would love to enter into the contest too! My oldest is going to be a knight and my youngest is going to be a king. Enjoy your new little bundle of joy, he sure is darling!

Kara Peterson - What a great giveaway and could be perfect timing for our newborn! I am already a FB fan and a fan in general. :)

If the dress still fits, Kelly and I may recycle our costumes from a friend’s party last year— as a senior missionary couple.

Joy - We are def fans of your beautiful work!!! We will be buzzing little bees this year!!!

Kristie Holland - I am a fan already…big fan to be exact. And we are going to be a scary guy from Harry potter whose name I can’t remember and an astronaught. Yay Halloween. We are so excited for the big night!

Jessica Stephens - I am a fan for sure. I love this picture and My Mom swears by Bubble baths. She says every kid can always enjoy a bubble bath. I think she means her. LOL

Mae - I’ve been a fan for awhile now :) These photos of Ava are super <3. As for Halloween, we are still thinking about it. We usually don't do family themed costumes because it is a challenge to convince my husband to dress up in theme. Hmmm… maybe he'll agree if we are all football players :)

Kristy Milton - Woohoo, I have been trying to enter all night, I got through!! Yippee!! So, 1st these pictures are edible. 2nd, congratulations on your new adorable bundle. 3rd, I would LoVe a mini with you… scream from the roof excited!! 4th, I am already a fan, of course! And for 5th, halloween this year we have~
Alexee~ Bat Girl
Braiden~ Werewolf
Carter~ T-Rex
They all chose their own & we’ve heard dino growls & werewolf howls all week while the practice :)

Julianna Turley - First of all, congrats on baby Luke!! Your kids are beautiful! Ever since you did that photo shoot of Emma last year I have been dying to get my kids to do another one. No joke the best photos I have ever had of my kids! We are already fans on facebook! For Halloween we decided to do the “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme. (One of my kids favorite movies and ride at Disneyland) Emma is going to be Sally and Duke Jack Skellington. haha-should be fun.

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