just one more.

Is what I kept telling Sam throughout this entire shoot last night.  I know, last night.  I couldn’t help myself.  I just had to do one more shoot, and just had to edit a few and of course, had to post just one more time before this baby comes (that’s your cue baby boy).  But seriously, how gorgeous of a pregnant woman is Sam?!  And, she is one of the sweetest people I know.  I am in love with every single image that I had a difficult time deciding which ones to post this morning.  I have lots more to come!

When I asked her if she would be willing to model for me she said she felt like it was Christmas… my thoughts exactly Samantha!  Thank you so much!

Sidenote: if anyone is curious, all I used for these images was my 580 ex speed light and an umbrella mounted on a stand.

See ya’ll soon!

love, brooke ashley.

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Shannon Dodge - woah. speechless…these are SO amazingly wonderful! WOW that first one is totally ridiculously AWESOME! SO great Brooke. You are amazing! And Sam is absolutely stunning!

McKinna - I want MORE MORE of this beautiful Sam!!!
Gorgeous Brooke!!

Melissa - Wow Brooke! These are amazing… I especially love the first one. :)

Chelsea Albert - SOO cute! I LOVE that first one! Just gorgeous! Her dress is darling too. :)

Katie Elmer - So so so fresh and beautiful! Like I say….WHEN you start mentoring…email me first! =) xo

Marissa - Absolutely GORGEOUS!! You captured her beautiful eyes perfectly. Sam is stunning…

Colibriphoto - Amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing Brooke!!! Wow! The first one is definately my favorite! The others are fantastic as well! You are doing so great with OCF!!! Good luck for this week-end! : )

Heather Magliarditi - WOW love them, she is stunning and you are brilliant. gorgeous, cant wait to meet your baby, let me know when he arrives. haha cant wait

Marcia - These are gorgeous!!

s h e r r y - Gorgeous!! I love the off-camera flash!

Paige Smith - Oh she’s totally cute. And I LOVE the light in these pictures! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I need to do this with my beach background. And go have your baby already!! :)

Meg - I love those pics! That is totally the style I had in mind for my pictures. I can’t believe you are still working days from your due date!

Wendhy Jeffers - Great job capturing her smile and I LOVE your lighting :)

Jennifer Urbin - Wow….all I have to say is ” L O V E ” and can’t wait for you have your baby so we can see some amazing pics. Good luck to you!

Jen Stafford - GORGEOUS! I really love the light in these. Good luck with your new little one :)

cori henderson - These are some of the most stunning maternity photos I have ever seen! LOVE!!!

Lisa Viox - So beautiful!

Sheryll Hearts Brooke - Whenever I find time to look at photog blogs, yours is always at the the top of my list. I love, love, love your images. The light is beautiful. Always bringin’ your A game, aren’t you? ;)

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