how is it?

That this image totally blew past me when I posted this diddy here.  I was organizing some files on my computer last week when this capture jumped out at me.  I fell so hard in love that I hastily ordered a 24×36 print then fished through the garbage, gross but really really worth it, for my 40% off coupon and headed to Michael’s for a frame. It’s my little shrine masterpiece of my little guy that I see every time I round the corner.  It makes me happy.

See how HUGE it is!

Thank you so much for your emails wondering how I am doing in these final weeks of pregnancy.  Life has been great, exhausting, but great. Today I sat on the couch and just cuddled with my little girl.  Not having anything to do but sit and relish this quiet time where I have no work to be done.  It’s bliss. And thank you also for all your kind comments on the last post of Jessica and her home birth.  It was truly a miracle and she was amazing!

love, brooke ashley

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