a home birth | nv.

We are all well aware by now that some things in life just don’t go quite as perfectly as we expect them to.  Jessica texted me July 27th, a week before her due date, and said she was in labor.  She and her family were driving in the car and about 45 minutes north of Las Vegas.  Yeah, that would be so incredibly scary and uncomfortable. I arrived prior to their arrival just in time to take a few pictures of the setting, their home.

Ten minutes after I arrived Jessica, Chris and their three kids rushed inside the house.  The kids scrambled into their bedroom with their grandma.  The midwife had not yet arrived but this baby was on it’s way.  Chris and Jessica remained composed.  Chris gathered the necessary materials.  The only indication of stress was the perspiration on Chris’s forhead.  With the cell phone on speaker, their midwife listened and coached Chris and Jessica.
Less than ten minutes from when they arrived home, their sweet baby girl came into this world at 5:03 pm.
The midwife arrived shortly after and did the testing, measuring and weighing.  Baby girl’s oldest brother, Jared, had the honor of cutting the cord.

I can’t post without some color!

Jessica is truly amazing.  She was so calm and beautiful.

These images are raw and full of real emotion. Jessica, I hope these prove special to you despite any imperfections. It was such a joy and a rush to experience the birth of your daughter with just you and Chris, congratulations!

love, brooke ashley

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