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We are all well aware by now that some things in life just don’t go quite as perfectly as we expect them to.  Jessica texted me July 27th, a week before her due date, and said she was in labor.  She and her family were driving in the car and about 45 minutes north of Las Vegas.  Yeah, that would be so incredibly scary and uncomfortable. I arrived prior to their arrival just in time to take a few pictures of the setting, their home.

Ten minutes after I arrived Jessica, Chris and their three kids rushed inside the house.  The kids scrambled into their bedroom with their grandma.  The midwife had not yet arrived but this baby was on it’s way.  Chris and Jessica remained composed.  Chris gathered the necessary materials.  The only indication of stress was the perspiration on Chris’s forhead.  With the cell phone on speaker, their midwife listened and coached Chris and Jessica.
Less than ten minutes from when they arrived home, their sweet baby girl came into this world at 5:03 pm.
The midwife arrived shortly after and did the testing, measuring and weighing.  Baby girl’s oldest brother, Jared, had the honor of cutting the cord.

I can’t post without some color!

Jessica is truly amazing.  She was so calm and beautiful.

These images are raw and full of real emotion. Jessica, I hope these prove special to you despite any imperfections. It was such a joy and a rush to experience the birth of your daughter with just you and Chris, congratulations!

love, brooke ashley

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Lesley Barr - Oh my heavens. This post almost made me cry. Wow! Congratulations Mama and Daddy on your new baby! Beautiful photos as always Brooke.

Brittany - Just amazing.

Kelli - Brookie, these are absolutely amazing…You are amazing. Congrats to the happy family! :)

Jennifer Geer - Brooke-Beautiful work! I love the pic of mom and dad kissing with that awesome light behind them. I also love the sibling pics! Great job!!

Joanna Taylor - You captured it beautifully, Brooke. Congrats to the new family. What a beautiful family.

Valerie - Amazing! I am getting induced tomorrow. Too bad you don’t live up here! Maybe one day…:) These pics make me so excited to see my little boy.

Jessica B - Brooke, these are soooo fabulous! I am so, so pleased! Wow. I don’t know what else to say, besides thank you thank you thank you!!!

DanaOh - Incredible. amazing. I’m almost speechless. almost… you know me. ;) I love all of the images showing mom’s facial expressions. Couldn’t tell the story any better. They are so raw and beautiful. I have to thank Jessica for sharing this moment with us too!!!


Lacey - Wow! The photos are incredible! Both Mom AND baby look like it’s “just another beautiful day at home.” Amazing!

jaime lackey - wow! what a story! and scary, too. so glad you made it and that they made it home! gorgeous shots!

Chelsea - Beautiful Jessica, you are stunning. Wonderful photos!

Joy - Oh my goodness, these are so sweet and special! I wish I had someone like you to photograph my birth!

Rebecca - Amazing! And how does the mom have no stomach???? She looks amazing! What special pictures.

becky - what a beautiful and quick birth!!! you’ve captured it all wonderfully!

Sarah Maxey - Gorgeous!! You did an amazing job and it’s so wonderful you were able to be there for them. I am in love with those last three images of the baby…so precious!

Rebecca - OH MY, these images are stunning! What a GORGEOUS mama!

cori henderson - Oh my gosh! Those are just amazing!! How incredible to capture such a special moment.

Ricci - This post brought tears to my eyes, I’ve always wanted a home birth! Mother and baby are absolutely beautiful! These are amazing!

Andrea - Very cool. Beautiful family & awesome photos, glad everything worked out.

Linda - These photos brought tears to my eyes. Jessica looks like she just finished her make-up and is ready for the day—AFTER the birth. Take about an “earth-mother.” She is amazing. The photos are really, really great.

Melissa - Wow Brooke, beautiful photos and story. Bravo!!

Jessica B - I like reading other people’s comments. This is very fun. I’m glad everyone likes the pictures so much!

Dion Seneca - Amazing!!! The photos are breathtaking, the story…incredible! I can’t believe how composed and beautiful Jessica looks after just having a baby…at home…without a midwife! Wow!

Becky Earl - PURE AMAZINGNESS!!! Totally speechless.

Oakstream Photography - OH MY HECK girl are you kidding me?????????????? You are a total freakin ROCKSTAR! These shots are AHMAZING & what a woman!!!! WOWZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meg - Holy cow! That must have been really intense! What a thing to experience. You did an amazing job Brooke, I love your photography so much :)

Mary Lucero - What beautiful pictures to capture a most wonderful miracle ! I wish I had you here for the births of my 8 children ! Congratulations to the family !

Bobbie Brown - Wow. She makes it look like giving birth is easy! I just did a natural birth 4 months ago and didn’t look even close to that good!

Brooke - Thank you everyone! Jessica and Chris were incredible! For those who asked, Jessica didn’t have a belly even when she was pregnant let alone, after. And Mary, 8 kids? That’s amazing!

Beth - Wow – these are stunning moments captured so beautifully for this family. I am sure they are forever grateful that you were able to make it just in time!

Tirzah - So Lauren Casto brought up how amazingly talented you are & shared a link w/me! Beautiful photo’s all around but I did have to say that you did such a great job w/these labor & birth photo’s… I to had a homebirth & wish I would hired a pro-photog ;).

Tess S - amazing. breathtaking. stunning. what a gorgeous momma and incredible children.

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