say hello to my little friend.

Seriously folks, I’m not kidding, Becky is teeny tiny and her beauty, generosity and talent is monstrous, out of this world-crazy!   She was so gracious to take my maternity pictures here and I was able to snap a few of her at the same time.  Thank you again Becky for such a wonderful gift and a fantastic time!  It’s always such a blast when we get together.

As a side note:  Seven more weeks until this baby boy gets here, I am so stinkin’ excited to meet him!

love, brooke ashley

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DanaOh - Thanks for all that gorgeousness to brighten up my Monday!!! Sheesh!!! She is a cute little hobbit isn’t she??? hee-hee You are an amazing photographer, girl! I wish I had someone who could make me look good. ;) p.s. I’ll be saying that “say hello to my little friend” in my best Al Pacino voice over and over in my head today!!! Love it!!!

Shannon Dodge - Hello, Beautiful! I love all of these images. Becky is gorgeous and a beautiful person on the inside as well and these images show that. I can’t believe how much the one picture looks like her daughter. It’s insane. Gorgeous job, Brooke…you are amaaaaaazing!

Colibriphoto - How funny, fresh, simple, natural and just GORGEOUS these are! And Becky…WOW! You are G-O-O-D Brooke!!!! : )

Valerie - Beautiful!! Absolutely gorgeous Brooke.

Joy - Oh my, my. Becky, you are one gorgeous woman! And Brooke, you are so chalk full of talent, it’s not even fair. I love these images. Love, love, love them.

stephanie - “….didn’t feel so pretty that day”…whatever BECKY! You are beautiful!! You are beaming!! Oh to be so carefree in front of the camera. I wish I could learn to be that way. Beautiful images, beautiful woman. <3

cori henderson - She’s talented and beautiful!!! Love her personality showing in these pics!!

lisa lucky - becky, you are so pretty! i envy people like you with perfect teeth and perfect hair. you look so much like your older daughter in some of these it’s not even funny! wonderful photos!

jaime lackey - yay! i miss seeing her face! how in the world can that place stand to have you yan and becky in it! so sad im not there! these are great brooke. fun, sexy and i must say becs has some ups!

Alicia Damron - These are so fun, I love the simpleness of them, the clean lines and all the white. And I LOVE her haircut! I wish I had the chutzpah to make that haircut look so cute.

Jess - love, love, love them all :) You did a fab job Brooke! And BECKY my dear…I love you more than an internet buddy :) You are so darn cute. Lets meet up for realsss :) Hope you and your family are doing well!

Ashley Dawn - AHHHH! Love them! Oh my gosh! I miss you guys so much!


Kristin - Oh, My GOSH!! These are so Becky and so Beautiful!! You did it, you captured her amazing spirit!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!

Melissa - so gorgeous! a reflection of her beautiful personality

Tammy - These are so fun Brooke! Becky looks beautiful & I’m digging her new do! :)

Brandi-lee - WOW, I’m book marking your site from now on, these are gorgeous, so light, fresh and clean looking. Becky looks totaly gorgeous and you’ve totaly captured her fun personality!!

Brandi-lee - WOW..I’m book marking your site from now on, these are gorgeous!! So light, fresh and clean looking. Becky is absolutely gorgeous and you’ve managed to capture her fun pesonality brilliantly!!!

Tiffany - Oh wow Brooke!!! These are so gorgeous! Your images always blow me away! Love them all!

Heather Magliarditi - you are so darn adorable, I love these, they are so fun and clean and bright, they put a smile on my face. you and brooke are both adorable and sweet as can be and lets not forget AMAZING photographers. love ya

s h e r r y - :) I LOVE her smile!!

Brooke - Thanks everyone for taking the time to leave a comment! These were so fun to read. And, Becky is indeed so gorgeous and was a joy to photograph!

Kelli - Becky Earl, you’re freaking cute.

And Brooke, these are really have a talent of capturing people just as they are. Beautiful.

jean smith - WOW. your images are so lovely and becky is SO stinkin cute! i just saw your maternity pictures on her blog. WOWWWEEEEEEEE!!! you look so amazing i can hardly stand it!

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