This post just may be the longest post I have ever posted and with good reason.  This family inspires me.  Becky, their angel mother inspires me.  She and David have six kids.  At times I feel defeated with just my own two kids and wonder how in the world I will juggle a third (although I am really excited to, don’t get me wrong).  And then in certain moments I really wish to have a large family.  Photographing this family was one of these moments.  I am sure it’s not easy but seeing them together as a family made me think ‘I want that‘.

So, thank you Becky and David for a wonderful morning.  Hope you love your sneak peek of your gorgeous family! And, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

love, brooke ashley



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cori henderson - What a beautiful family and you captured them perfectly!!!

Shannon Dodge - Who rocks the house? Brooke rocks the house! WOW! Seriously? These are fantastically gorgeous! What a beautiful family! And you just know how to capture people. In.Awe.Of.Brooke.

Margaret - BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! What a good-lookin’ family! Great work Brookie!

Jennifer - those are really good, brooke. love the love shoot with mom and dad! love how you can see each child’s personality come through in the pics. lastly, what a beautiful family!!

Colibriphoto - Again and again….my jaw right back down to the floor….. Brooke, AWSOME, FANTASTIC, SUPER DUPPER WOW!!!!!!!

Melissa - What a BEAUTIFUL family… and the pictures are stunning! Is that baby girl a red head?? Every kid is just so darn cute!! Love these… I bet they are freaking out over them!

Bobbie Brown - I love everything about these pictures! The locations, the ‘feel’ of them, the outfits, the light, they EVERYthing! Oh, and Mom does not look like she has had 6 kids by the way!

Ashley - Wow – beautiful couple, beautiful family…they have 6 kids?! I’m inspired.

Marissa - Wow! These make me want a large family too! Beautiful job Brooke. I just love the ones of the little boy on the floor…

Becky Fife - Brooke… Thank you so much!!!! I feel so blessed to know you, and be able to have you photograph my family. You are out-of-this-world talented. Gifted. Seriously… I can’t even get over these pictures… thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your hard work has given me a priceless treasure. There are many good photographers out there… but some photographers are in a league of their own. They have ‘it’. Well, my love… that is YOU. Thank you, thank you. xoxoxo

Alicia Damron - These are stunning! The family, the setting, I love that you photographed them in various parts of the home, all these kids are beautiful but unique in their own way and you showed that through your lens. What a wonderful job!

laura bunker - Oh my gosh, this is such a cute family. The Mother is beautiful. Plus, I love all the kid’s clothes. What a great capture in their home.

s h e r r y - These are lovely <3 What a gorgeous, happy family!! I love the grey, 3 rosette headband!

Kristie Holland - These are so pretty Brooke. You are so inspiring to me. I look at your work and think I want to “do” that. Great job. And I am so excited for you to add a third child to your family. We are still a family of four and my arms feel empty.

Colibriphoto - Brooke, I know I have left a comment already but truly, you are G-O-O-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And SOOOO inspiring…..! These are so beautiful!!!!

Meg - I would want 6 kids if I could look that amazing after and have such perfect looking children! Super cute pics!

Tiffany - What a beautiful family and such gorgeous pics Brooke as always … amazing work girl!

Estee - So beautiful!

Alisha Shaw - Funniest thing…I just met this adorable family yesterday and now here they are! So gorgeous! Beautiful pictures!

Kristi Deter - OK Brooke, these are amazing! You captured this family in a beautiful way. I am sure they LOVE these. What an adorable family!

jaime lackey - i can not even stand how adorable these are! i love the one where they jumped from one bed to another. mom rocked out the outfit and i only wished i looked close to that after 6 kids! amazing i am speechless myself!

Tiffany P. - STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!! JUst STUNNING!! Wow, Brooke you inspire me!! Your work is so beautiful!!! Beautiful family too! They need to be in a magazine!!

Jennifer Urbin - Your speechless and I’m completely tounge tied! Fabulous session..in love with this one!

April Summers - Wow. Beautiful family and beautiful photographs. Love them!

Autumn - Brooke these are amazing! What a beautiful family.You do such an amazing job! These look like a family that is in a magazine. Perfect.

Brooke - Thank you all SO much for your love. This family was a dream to photograph so thank you again dear Becky!!

Alexia - These are absolutely beautiful!! Holy cow! I so wish I could be at that workshop in Utah with you! I would have loved to learn from someone as amazing as you!

Marc-André - Wow…Realy great. What lights do you use ? Thanks…

Leah - What a gorgeous family! How did you get all the kids looking at you and smiling?! I’m amazed! Beautiful portraits and yes, I want a big family like that!!

Brooke - Thank you again! Marc, these are all using natural light :)

Trisha - What a gorgeous family! Brooke, your work is so inspiring and I hope to be half as good as you one day! You have to ask the mom where she got that outfit! I.Must.Have.It. :)

Chelsea Albert - What a gorgeous family! I’m in awe at these images! I LOVE the shots taken inside. SO cute!

Carrie - These images are absolutely precious! I stop by from time to time and thought I should finally leave you some love because you deserve it :)

velvetowlphotography - Hole LEE cow! This is quite possible the most gorgeous family I have seen..and SUCH amazing photos~ wow this these are all exceptional! Beautiful work.

McKinna - WOW!! That mama is absolutly stunning!!! What a gorgeous fam!!!

Andrea - This mom is my hero!! How do you have 6 kids & look so amazing??????? BEAUTIFUL family & BEAUTIFUL photos!!!!!!

Mari S Thompson - Love, love, love these! Cute kids, parents, clothes, sooooo beautiful!

Lee - Love this family! It has been a while since we have seen them so it is great to see them here! D&B thanks for using such a great photographer to share your extraordinary family with us. As mentioned plenty of times above, you guys look fantastic. Brooke – great work (I’m guessing we only got a small glimpse of all the glory). If we had such a stunning group and home like them, we would certainly have reason to be photographed! Thanks for sharing. L,A,Z

Nichanh - WOW! The mom look awesome for having 6 kids. She is my hero too!!!!

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chelsea allred - i LOVE these. and those kids? kill me.

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Jen Harris - These are just incredible. I found you through The Lens Loves site, and will definitely be following your blog from here. I’ve been in a rather overwhelmed, trying-to-learn-everything-I-need-to-know-at-once spell lately with photography…but these have reminded me why I want to keep on. These are the kind of photos I want to be able to take. Thank you!

Emily - What a gorgeous family and pictures!!!!!

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