What a saweeet weekend I just experienced!  Although I was there to help mentor at the heartshop, I was inspired myself.  I walked out the door feeling the way this image of the genuinely talented and beautiful Becky Earl portrays.  I feel rejuvenated and more so motivated to discover for myself exactly where I belong in the photography world.  So, the winds of change are upon me and I’m excited!  So, thank you dear Yan and Becky for this ah-ha moment.

I do have some rad images to share from the heartshop shortly.

love, brooke ashley

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Katie Elmer - I can’t wait to see all the images!! Hard to imagine you could get any better ;)

Cherie - I’m jealous! I wish I coulda gone! :(Can’t wait to see what images you post!

Chelsea Albert - I’m so stinkin jealous!! :) I can’t wait to see all the images that sprout from it!

jaime lackey - oh brooke! i love this image!!!! i can not wait to see your images. it was so nice to meet you! i wish i could have spent more time with your husband! hehe. we have to meet up all of us again maybe 1/2 bt you guys and me!!! you were the best and i can not wait to see the image everyone is talking about with the beanies and the no shirt! seems to be everyones favorite!

Nicole - Brooke- you were so inspiring to me! You were so awesome to sit and teach me and have patience with my camera issues and loads of questions! I LOVED having you there!
But I agree Becky and Yan were rock stars and poured their hearts and souls into that HEARTshop and it totally showed! Loved every second!
Can’t wait to see your pics! I’m sure they are AMAZING! :)

yan palmer - gasp! i LOVE this image! it shows becky’s beauty so well! the light in her eyes and her huge gorgeous smile. wow, i felt so lucky to have met you brooke, you really inspired me on a personal (not just professional) level. thanks so much for bringing all you did to the heartshop.

Sarah - LOVE this picture…seriuosly you are SO SO SO talented and wonderful.

Kara Layfield - Cannot wait to see your images! You truly are an inspiration!

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