wow, now that was amazing.

Seriously, one of the most awesome experiences in my life, no joke.  Brittany, thank you so much for allowing someone you have only met once over some (delicious) frozen yogurt into your delivery room.  I am so thrilled to have experienced this with you, your husband and mother.  I am thrilled to have captured all of it for you in pictures.  I hope you are as touched by these images as I am.

11:49 am

12:05 pm
The contractions begin again.  Brittany’s epidural didn’t take completely the first time so she had a second epidural. She is tough as nails.
3:02 pm
Nope, they are not crying but laughing … hysterically!
4:00 pm
Paul enters into this world.

May 6. 2010 at 4:00 p.m.

Weighing 7 lbs. 11 oz., 19.5 inches in length

Being held by his Dad and then by his Momma on the right.

Congratulations Brittany, Nate and Avery and happy 5th anniversary today!

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Kristie Holland - Wow. I have the goosebumps looking at these pictures. They will cherish these photos forever. Great Job. You’re AWESOME!

Julie Harris - Seriously, I cant stop looking. How amazing!! What a great idea to have someone else capturing that whole experience…I just might consider it if I ever get preggers again! These pictures are perfect!

Jennifer - Wow, Brooke, those are awesome!!! Great work!! I hope I get the chance to do this someday. Did you use natural lighting, speedlight or some other lighting source? These are really good!!

Brooke - Thank you! Julie, you really should have a photographer, I totally recommend one :) Jennifer.. these are all natural light, just cranked up that ISO!

kerry - Beautiful, just beautiful! I am in tears! So precious!

Chelsea - These are perfection!! They will cherish these forever.

Marissa - These are absolutely to die for! These totally take me to that moment…how special! I am totally choking up right now…LOVE ‘em!

Gina - Wow! I mean, seriously, WOW! Breathtaking, stunning, miraculous…

Tiffany - Brooke!!! These are the best birth photos I have ever seen! You did such an amazing job on these! They have got to be head over heels with these! Just stunning!

Kellie - WOW, is right. I just cried. So beautiful!

Brooke - Thank you girls so much ♥

erin fonnesbeck - In LOVE.

Melissa - Absolutely beautiful… and talk about goosebumps!! :) I don’t think little Paul wanted his picture taken fresh out of the womb… his finger is clearly telling you. Heehee… What a beautiful baby boy, you must have been a mushy mess being preggo too and seeing the wonder and joy firsthand… how great to document the birth!

Julie - Those are some amazing birth pictures! Seriously amazing. Great captures. Gorgeous baby. What more can you ask for?!

Brooke - Melissa, I was a mushy mess.. I was repeating in my mind as he was … descending (lol).. ‘keep it together Brooke, just hold it together..”

Darby - These are breathtaking! How awesome for this family to have these beautiful images to remember that first few moments of their son’s life forever.

Colibriphoto - OMG! You got me here! In tears I am….! You have captured that birth so beautifully Brooke…. Amazing!

jean smith - i have seen a lot of birth pictures, but none quite like this. you told a beautiful story with images and that takes talent.

Kristin - This is something I would totally love to do! THe shots you got are amazingly beautiful! Great job!

Jessica B - Yay! I’m glad you all had such a good experience!…except for baby Paul – I like his finger :) The second shot of him is really cool, with his arm reaching up.

Tiffany - Sniff, sniff!! As a mom and a woman, I can totally feel the experience through these pictures!! Simply stunning! You truly have a beautiful gift!! xo

angie b - Okay seriously….I’m crying! One of the most beautiful things is watching a baby come into this world and to have it documented so beautifully is priceless!!!! What incredible work Brooke!

Ashlee - Wow! These images are priceless! You did a beautiful job capturing the birth….what a neat experience!!!!

Rebecca - Wow! What an amazing opportunity! These are priceless!!

DanaOh - These are WAY more amazing than I ever imagined!!! Utterly breathtaking, my friend!!! You should be very proud and I know mama will shed many tears over these for years to come. Something I would have loved to have done. So who’s doing yours???? ;)xo

jaime lackey - okay…. i am off to go make one after seeing these!!! it made me cry. you got some amazing shots! go you!

April Summers - Wow….these are amazing! Beautiful job.

Valerie Lusvardi - I cannot believe how touching and personal these pictures are. I love them! Thanks for sharing. It makes me excited to experience this. I only have a couple months left til my due date.

Heather Steadman - Brooke, this shoot is amazing. You’re so good at what you do. Are you still living in Las Vegas? We are in Arizona and we really like it.
So I am dying to see your family blog! Can I have an invite?

I hope all is well!
PS Sam and I are expecting our first this Fall :) we are so excited.

Becky Earl - Everything about these is perfection!!! big fat long SIGH!

Julie Parker - These are incredible!!!

Andrea - These bring tears to my eyes! BEAUTIFUL!! Reminds me how lucky I am to have my job :)

Jeanna Hayes - I know I’m really late to comment :), but these are so wonderful! I had the chance to photograph the birth of twins in December and it was such a sacred and beautiful experience. They actually let me in the O.R. for the c-section and I just cried and cried when I saw those babies! It really is an amazing experience, huh? :) And you did a perfect job capturing everything!

bracken - seeing these birth pictures are so incredible. I actually teared up and I don’t even know them! Well done, again, Brooke.

Brooke - Sigh.. thank you so much everyone! I totally recommend having a birth photographer or photographing a birth. Beautiful experience.

Joy - What the what…where is my comment? I swear I left one because there is no way I couldn’t comment on these unbelievably amazing images! There are almost no words for the beauty. You are wonderful….I am awestruck!

Shannon Dodge - Brooke…HOW beautiful is this?!?! I LOVE these images. Everything about them. What a wonderful and special thing you did for this family!!! I am in awe.

ohbrooke - OMG. beautiful.

Joani - These are the most amazing pictures! How Wonderful!

Amanda - Wonderful work!!! You captured such a special time beautifully!!!

brittany and nate | las vegas, nv. » Brooke Ashley Photography - […] years ago I was lucky enough to photograph the birth of Paul. See here. It was such an amazing experience and this month I was able to revisit this wonderful family, this […]

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