Best friends, we are.

I recently invested in some lighting equipment and wanted to give it a try.  And, who better to practice on than this little guy?  At this point I still prefer natural light but as I continue to practice, I continue to fall in love.

What was so funny you ask? He is obsessed with Star Wars. So, I simply lowered my tone and in a throaty, gargling voice rearranged the clauses in my sentences, just like Yoda himself. “So cute, you are” and “best friends, we are, mmm..”. This really cracked him up.
I have a really neat shoot coming up shortly! I can’t wait to share! xoxo.

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kerry - cute, cute, cute!

Joy - Oh, Brooke, he is EDIBLE! Seriously, look at his darling face. These are fabulous, LOVE the lighting!

Erin Fonnesbeck - Oh MY!!!!!!! These are AMAZING and so is the lighting and the little subject. Perfection.

ohbrooke - The lighting looks GREAT! So fresh!

Tammy - I love them Brooke! What a handsome little guy!

Heather Magliarditi - I love these, I am planning on getting some lighting too, I think it looks great, he is adorable too. you rocked the lights!

Lesley Barr - Love! Great job with the lighting!

Chelsea - The new lighting looks fabulous!! He is such a cutie! Love his perfect little smile!

s h e r r y - He’s ADORABLEEEE!

Marissa - What a handsome little devil! Love the lighting…man you are golden!

Melanie Reyes - BEAUTIFUL! You sound like the coolest Mama EVEH.

Jeanna Hayes - Can we say GAP model??? What a beautiful child! And I love the studio lighting. I’ve had mine for a year and shame on me, haven’t played with it much! Great job – I LOVE it…. :)

Joanna Taylor - Gorgeous ratio. Everything you touch is magic.

Amy Adams - What a handsome little guy he is! There really are amazing! You really are so good Brooke!

Amy Adams - Spelling oops below. There = They. YIKES I need to slow down!

McKinna - ahhhh! I LOVE HIM! He’s perfect!

nicole - what a hansome boy…love them!

Rebecca - I love this cute little man! How cool that you’re getting to try something new too, looks good!

Katie - Oh Brooke! Do share what you bought!!!! I love these! Help me too! :) I don’t even know where to start! p.s. are you going to WPPI???? xo

Andrea - He’s so stinkin cute!

Kim Frazier - I love the fact that Noah is obsessed with Star Wars!! How did this happen?

Heather Steadman - Love this blog Brooke! So cute. Hope all is well with you and your cute family. Your son is darling! The perfect mix between you and Cody for sure.
xo Heather Ashby (Steadman)

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