Lemonade Lucy

Welcome little Lucy to the world!  Lemonade has nothing to do with well, anything.  She is the tiniest, sweetest thing and now a part of this beautiful, kind family.  Lucy’s nursery is all black and white, which I love, so these images will suit her well!

These images make my heart sing, la la la.  You may recognize this beauty queen from here.  



Awhile back my family took a vacation to San Diego (my favorite place on planet earth). As we were walking along the coastline we came across an older gentlemen. Hanging around his neck was the camera I had been drooling over and was looking forward to purchasing.  He placed the beauty (actually it’s more like a beast) in my hands. I preceded to tell him that I had just started a photography business.  He gave me some great words of advice.  While placing his hand across his chest he said to me, “Remember… a photograph without heart means nothing. Don’t forget that” and wished me good luck. I try to remember this at every session. This image is the epitome of heart in my opinion and I love it. Thank you for that advice kind fellow.


Beautiful, sweaty boy.  


Perfect little sister.



This little girl is so loved.


Thanks!  Coming up next:  Two newborn sessions involving a ski lift and an apple tree. I know, right?

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