Eight year old {E} reminded me of the darling Shirley Temple.  Equipped with the curls, the adorable smile and the personality, wow… the personality!  {E} will soon be baptized so she and her mom wanted to capture this special time.  She is so beautiful and full of life. Thank you {E} and {M}!



Did I mention that she is full of personality?!





 Thanks for taking a peek!

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Rebecca - Very cute, now she can have some beautiful pictures to remember a special time!

Melissa - They are really cute! I love the 4th one!

joy - Oh my gosh, she is seriously the cutest thing ever!! These are beautiful, Brooke!

Anna Cederholm - These are so cute! And I know “E” and her family! I think you really captured her personality!

McKinna - SO SO stinkin’ cute!

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