a dream.

This past week I have been living it up in Utah, a mecca, a hub, a portal for photographers. I have so much to share and so much editing to catch up on so please be patient with me.  I have not forgotten about you!

When Becky Earl asked me if I would take her pregnancy pictures and in turn take my pictures I nearly fell off my chair.  Seriously.  This lovely lady is my idol.  Not only is she this amazing photographer and artist but she is kind and giving.. and gorgeous!  A truly remarkable person.  So after I came to, I picked myself off the ground, mustered up the courage and wrote back “Yes!”.

We began our day by driving to an elusive candy shop (that I promise I researched) that apparently does not exist.  So, we decided to go with the flow and drive around Salt Lake.  I loved the spontaneity.  I loved watching Becky keep her cool as the sun continued to close on the horizon.  Wow, that sounded so poetic.  When we found our location Becky, without any hesitation, whipped on those roller skates.  To those who may be tempted to send hate mail about endangering Becky and her cute (because we all know he is going to be cute) baby, in reality she was going as “slow as molasses”.  I think I saw a snail cruise past her.  But, at times she did get a little too confident in her ability to roller skate while being incredibly top heavy (meaning the belly).   At that point I grabbed her arm and brought her back to reality.  Lol. Love ya Becky!  We then got totally crazy and whipped out the Bubblicious Bubblegum.  Add blowing bubbles to her list of talents.

We then jumped in the car and continued our spontaneous ways and came across this totally awesome location.  I was then able to see Becky in action while in front of the lens myself.  Click here for this post!  She is ama-a-zing.  These pictures she took are a real treat since I really don’t have too many.  I feel somewhat weird saying how much I adore these pictures since they are of me but what the heck.. I ADORE these pictures!  They are very special to me and will be to my kids one day.  Thank you Becky!

But wait, the day did not end there.  We headed to Arby’s where I introduced her to the Arby’s Reuben. I was afraid that my Norwegian-ness made me partial to the sauerkraut. Yet, she loved it!  I was then blessed, and I say blessed because I feel it really was a blessing, to visit her neice, Jayda. Click here and here.  She was born at 26 weeks at 1 lb. 9 oz.  She is a miracle baby.  She is beautiful!  Thank you Ashley (Jayda’s momma).

It was a fantastic day and I have these beautiful images to show for it.  Thank you again Becky and congratulations!

Check her out!



Have you seen a more beautiful pregnant woman? Sheesh!





Gorgeous Becky!  You are the natural.



Love this…


and this!


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